Exercise equipment for lower back pain

Inversion therapy Inversion therapy is the use of gravity to stretch the spine (traction) using a special designed table.In recent years the traction method normally used by hospitals and doctors was to lay a patient on a bed and strap the patients legs to a pulley and adding weights to create traction.This method was cumbersome … [Read more…]

Are you serious about weight loss?

The great weight loss debate The search for the perfect weight loss diet can be a very confusing and frustrating exercise and this could not be better illustrated by the drama unleashed back here in my home country of South Africa over a new fad diet that has now been circulating for some years.Some time ago a … [Read more…]

Lower back pain – exercises to avoid

Strong back muscles are the support for a pain free and healthy lower back and therefore need to be exercised to remain strong and flexible .The greatest good one can do to protect your lower back from injury or to protect a lower back injury from degenerating is to exercise the supporting back muscles with … [Read more…]

The weight loss conundrum

Your spines excess load The weight you carry is a vital part of your quest to live a life free of low back pain. As mentioned in a previous article excess weight can affect or compound back problems. A prominent ‘tire” around your waist or a protruding stomach ‘Paunch’, can even lead to you aggravating … [Read more…]

Lower back pain – Facts about your back

  Stories abound of lower back pain episodes. A 40 year old father wrenches his back while bending over to tighten bolts in his car engine.Keeled over on his knees and  immobilized he waits for two frustrating hours until he is  discovered.  A 39 year old mother finds herself stricken with sharp lower back pain … [Read more…]