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Welcome to low back maintenance.com where you will find tips and advice that will help you recover from a lower back injury, maintain and strengthen your low back area and gradually overcome the pain related to lower back problems caused by injury or prolonged wear and tear of the muscles and vertebrae.

Hi friends, my name is Ivo and I have lived with a lower back injury for the last 30 plus years. I first injured my back at the tender age of 16. I was one of the tough kids in my school and was always eager to show off my strength. It happened one day when I was helping move some heavy equipment with my classmates on the sports field. The bell rang for the resumption of classes and in my haste I went to quickly pick up a pitch roller on my own when I felt a sudden jab of pain in my lower back. Thinking that I had aggravated a back muscle I slowly stretched until I could gradually walk back to school and with time the pain subsided.

I had joined a gym that same year and one-day months later aggravated the same spot while doing a vertical leg press exercise. Once again I wrote off the injury as a muscle strain and took a long lay off from the gym. Two years later I was out of school and conscripted into the army where I went through a rigorous ten months of physical regime starting from basic training to officers course. During physical training, I noticed that on occasion I felt a burning pain in my lower back especially when we did an exercise like sit-ups. After my two year stint in the army, I decided to see a chiropractor on the advice from a friend.

To my shock and surprise, I discovered after taking x rays that I had a herniated the L5/S1 disc on my lower back vertebrae and so began my long journey of recovery, learning and searching for answers to maintain and strengthen my lower back and keeping it pain-free.


2016-04-29 16.28.17I would like to help people to come to a quicker and more comprehensive solution to their low back problems. Over the time since my injury, I have experienced just about every pain imaginable with lower back issues from acute local pain to muscle spasm to pinched nerves, muscle burn and pain down my legs to name a few. I have consulted with doctors, surgeons, physiotherapist, and chiropractors over the years to find answers to resolving my lower back problem.

What I discovered is that there is no simple solution to achieving a pain-free and healthy back. Using the information of health experts and that of my own research and applying this information over time, I have through trial and error achieved relative success in keeping my lower back strong, flexible and pain-free.

I also came to an important conclusion that although my doctor or physiotherapist can offer some help on the road to recovery, that ultimately it was up to me to put in the effort to apply myself and using the information gained to make this a reality.


Many people resign themselves to the fact that they have a back problem but do little to alleviate it or do not inform themselves of the best way to deal with and treat the underlying causes.

This is the reason for this site, that I can offer you a condensed workable solution from my years of accumulating knowledge and experience to hopefully save you a bit of time, money and effort and ultimately that you may experience a pain-free lower back.

I’m sure some of you can relate to my story with perhaps a similar experience or maybe you have a bit of wear and tear or poor muscle health in your lower back. My sincere hope is that you will find this site helpful and that it may be a useful tool to help you in your lower back recovery.

Please feel free to send me your comments or to share any points of interest.