The weight loss conundrum

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The weight you carry is a vital part of your quest to live a life free of low back pain. As mentioned in a previous article excess weight can affect or compound back problems. A prominent ‘tire” around your waist or a protruding stomach ‘Paunch’, can even lead to you aggravating a perfectly healthy back over a period of time.If your spine and especially your lower back has to continuously bear the pressure of excess weight it can eventually lead to wear and tear and becomes much more susceptible to injury.

Also as one gets older and less active the supporting muscles are not as strong as they used to be and the risk of injury is increased.Most of us start putting on that excess weight from our thirties onwards and then spend the rest of our lives trying to take it off.Our billion dollar weight loss industry is proof of this human struggle.



Food culture

I am in my early fifties and know all about putting on excess weight particularly since I come from a Portuguese background where food is a strong part of our culture. We know how to make food taste great and we are sometimes unashamedly gluttonous in its consumption. We just love our food and will always make it a family or social occasion.

Traditional or family meals tend to be a whole lot healthier than the fast foods and processed foods we consume in our fast-paced society.Unfortunately, fast food or processed foods seems to be the convenient alternative to spending time in the kitchen and is becoming the prevalent food culture.The result is a population worldwide battling with an ever-increasing problem of excess weight or obesity.As far as health habits go if smoking is the habit that kills most people in the world then unhealthy eating must surely come close or even surpass it.We are literally digging our graves over time with our teeth.

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Breaking the trend

If you ice-cream-2-1326942are serious about losing weight you need to take charge of your eating habits and break with the easy and the convenient.It stands to reason that if you spend some time and effort on preparing meals at home you become the master of what goes into your body.Fast food and processed foods always carry way to much sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats or oils, not to mention all the chemicals used as colorants, enhancers, and preservatives which are adding to the health woes of our society.

As much as people may deny it, the weight loss battleground takes place in the mind, its all about mind over matter, self-control and breaking the unhealthy eating trend.People should perhaps approach weight loss as do addicts when trying to overcome smoking, for instance, this may be a bit harsh a comparison but overeating or unhealthy eating can be a serious habit to overcome and a potential health risk.The first exercise on the road to weight loss begins in the mind, formulating a weight loss plan, creating incentives and long-term goals.

My weight loss experiencebathroom-scale-1419153

I was never a fat kid growing up but was pretty lean and strong even though I often binged on the wrong foods and remained so into my late twenties. This bad habit though caught up with me once I hit my early thirties, I found that I could easily pack on three kilos in one week if my eating binges had gone out of control.

I tried out numerous methods to control my weight like diets and counting calories combined with an exercise regimen.I found that I could with strict application take off the weight over a certain period and put it all back on over an even shorter period.I had the discipline to shake off the excess weight but lacked the discipline and knowledge to keep it off and I was able to do this year in and year out.I was literally losing up to 15 kilos a year, packing it on and taking it off but never keeping consistently to my target weight. I slowly started to learn how to eat a more balanced diet that helped me lose weight easier and keep my metabolism more regular, maintaining a more consistent weight.I will share my knowledge and experience in my post.

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